Fedics All Africa Games

At the All Africa Games in Abuja, Nigeria, we took a team of 33 South African managers and employed 750 local Nigeria people.

These people were divided up into teams of 30 with a team leader who transferred skills and built a functional team who were able to contribute in their specific part of the organisation. Fedics Site Services delivered meals to the athletes at the Games Village, serviced the International Zone for daily meetings and conferences including the media, cleaned and sanitised the rooms in the village, and managed the housekeeping in the village. This was a huge task that required a year of intense planning and joint ventures with a number of key support structures and suppliers both in South Africa and in Nigeria.

Upon the successful completion of this project, the Site Services team were summoned to the offices of the South African High Commission in Abuja, where they were entertained and provided with a meal by the High Commission staff to say thank you for a job well done. This provided the Fedics Site Services team with a huge learning opportunity and intellectual property that is still used in the business today.