Cytec Industries will present and exhibit at the Alumina Quality Workshop in Perth, Australia taking place April 19 – 24.

Cytec has been introducing premiere specialty chemicals products for the Alumina industry for the past 40 years, such as HXPAMS and the EPA Presidential Green Challenge Award winning MAX HT® reagent for Sodalite scale control.

Today, Cytec stands as the innovation leader in the industry and has a full product line of flocculants, scale inhibitors, crystal growth modifiers, defoamers, dewatering aids, bauxite handling aids, auto precipitation reduction aids, humate removal aids, liquor filtration aids, and dust control agents in order to solve current Alumina industry challenges.

Jo Grosemans, global business director of Cytec’s Alumina Processing Chemicals says "We pride ourselves as a full service supplier. We combine our technical expertise, value-added service, and the continuous ability to deliver innovative solutions to solve our customer’s challenges. AQW is an important forum for the industry and we look forward to participating and showcasing our technologies."

At AQW, Cytec will present a technical paper on ‘New Red Mud Flocculants for High Silica Bauxites’. CYFLOC® HX-7000 Flocculants, Cytec’s new series of red mud flocculants, has shown a unique ability to settle bauxite residues containing well over 5wt% silica with excellent settling rates and impressive overflow clarities from field testing.

Cytec will be exhibiting at booth #3 and sharing how its industry professionals work diligently with customers to solve problems, help optimize production, and identify cost savings opportunities.

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