DCD Heavy Engineering

DCD Heavy Engineering first started quoting Metso-USA on the Russian Copper Project in July 2010. In May 2011, DCD Heavy Engineering was awarded the contract to manufacture 2-off 36ft sag mills and 2-off 26ft ball mills.

The sag mills supplied in 6 x 120º segments carries a total weight of 186t each, fully assembled.

The ball mills supplied in 6 x 180º segments carries a total weight of 376t each, fully assembled.

The mills are destined for Russia, and the journey kicked off on Thursday 8 November 2012, when the first sections of the ball mills were loaded and started leaving DCD Heavy Engineering, located in Vereeniging for Durban port, where they will be loaded onto ships to continue the long trip to Russia.

The sag mills are due to start their journey in the third and fourth weeks in November 2012, and we ask you to watch this space to track the journey of the mills as we will keep you updated until they reach their final destination.