Mining Risks Summit 2012

The commodity super cycle hangover, in the shape of increased fiscal intervention and more social resistance to mining, comes at a time when business conditions couldn’t be any tougher.

The Fraser Institute and CRU have brought together a diverse group of experts to discuss business risks faced within the mining industry. With content addressing the concerns of governments, majors, juniors and local communities in many of the world’s most important mining nations, the conference is a unique insight into the future of the mining industry and into to how to create longevity in mining operations.

Dominic Halahan of CRU says; "A unique opportunity to discuss ‘above the ground’ mining business risks and their interrelationship. Delegates from mining companies, governments and other important stakeholders will discuss the social and political risks derived from building and operating mines to better understand how to mitigate these complex and interrelated challenges. The most fascinating event I attend by far!"

The 3rd Mining Business Risk Summit will be held in Toronto, Canada, 1 – 2 November 2012. Visit for more details.