CIFA has had a facelift, as the office buildings and factory at the company headquarters in Senago now have a whole new look.

The overhaul of CIFA’s general headquarters in Senago, commenced in mid 2012; works began in early 2013 and were completed by the autumn. The new layout of the production sections has a ‘lean production’ design, from the identification and arrangement of different working areas, to the exterior re-styling and the applying of a skin around the perimeter of the buildings. The stretched aluminium mesh known as a Gate creates a uniform image of the office buildings and factory blocks, which were built in different periods. The aluminium mesh bears the traditional CIFA colours of orange with different shades of grey. The office building has also been fitted with a lighting system to be used for special events and the main entrance has been renovated, offering access to the new showroom area. The reception area has been extended and a glass tunnel was built to connect the entrance to the museum.

With this facelift, CIFA aims to underline the technological innovations and high quality that have always been the company’s hallmark. They must become fundamental structural features that send an important message to customers, partners and everyone working at the company.