Chilean copper mine

Motion Metrics is proud to announce its first ShovelMetrics™ systems lease.

A copper mine in central Chile has leased three systems. Systems with missing tooth detection and rock fragmentation analysis capabilities will be installed on two Bucyrus cable shovels and a missing tooth detection system will be installed on a Komatsu PC8000 hydraulic backhoe.

With the three year leases, the mine can take advantage of our advanced monitoring solutions without worrying about performing its own maintenance, inventory management or system calibration. Engineers from Motion Metrics LatAm SA in Santiago, as well as our global headquarters in Vancouver will work together with mine staff to ensure that the ShovelMetrics™ systems operate at their full potential.

Motion Metrics’ director of business development Derek Cooper says that the lease arrangement is all about making life easier for the mine: "By having our teams maintain the systems on a regular basis, with a warranty in place and fixed payments, Motion Metrics takes care of system reliability and parts management, letting the mine concentrate on what they do best – operating."