Canadian patent

On 27 December, Motion Metrics was awarded Canadian patent #2,781,349, ‘Method and Apparatus for Generating an Indication of an Object within an Operating Ambit of Heavy Loading Equipment’, for our ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection module.

Co-invented by Dr. Shahram Tafazoli, Nima Nabavi, Arya Ohadi Esfahani, and Ian Bell, the ShovelMetrics™ Proximity Detection module is an advanced sensor-based safety enhancing solution for shovels and excavators. Proximity Detection avoids dangerous collisions and accidents through the use of radar sensors placed around the shovel. These radar sensors create two regions surrounding the shovel. When an object enters the outer region, or warning zone, external lights flash slowly, the in-cab monitor lights up orange and a short, audible alarm sounds. When an object enters the inner collision zone, warnings intensify; external lights flash faster, the in-cab monitor lights up in red and a longer, faster audible alarm sounds.