Beak Consultants is set to give a presentation at the scientific ProMine workshop in Nancy, France.

Beak will discuss its ‘Mineral potential mapping using artificial neural networks and GIS with advangeo®’ theoretical background and case studies at the event.

The paper discusses both background and case studies of use of artificial neural network technologies in the field of mineral exploration targeting.

Artificial intelligence provides important approaches for creation of mineral predictive maps – the key instruments to discover new mineral resources. The advangeo® technology has been successfully applied for identification of gold targets in Ghana, as well as for prediction of manganese nodule resources at the Pacific Ocean seafloor.

Important ongoing projects include the re-evaluation of the mineral prospectivity of one of the oldest mining regions of the world: the Erzgebirge in Germany and the identification of exploration targets in the East African Rwanda.

The presentation will be given on March 13 at 2:45pm by Andreas Knobloch from the department of environment / geosciences at Beak Consultants.