3D-P has announced a partnership with Redline Communications to supply its backhaul and distribution networking equipment.

3D-P recognises the unique challenges that mining wireless communication presents and continuously reviews alternate solutions to provide the best possible technology options for its customers to address those challenges.

3D-P’s new partnership with Redline Communications provides ruggedised, high-performing, and easy-to-use backhaul equipment that supplements the performance and reliability of the 3D-P designed wireless networks. Redline products include a full suite of high-performance point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (PMP) and long-term evolution (LTE) solutions. Just one of the exciting differentiators from Redline is the RDL3000 RAS Elite. The RAS provides an integrated multi-sector antenna that will self-align 360 degrees to the best uplink radio. Deploying a RAS on a semi-mobile asset, such as a solar powered repeater trailer, means that after relocating the trailer, no human intervention is needed to align the PMP radio to the tower. The self-aligning antenna takes care of itself, providing the strongest link possible at the new location.

"We are very excited with the renewed partnership with Redline and look forward to leveraging Redline’s substantial capabilities and deployment capabilities to allow 3D-P’s clients to gain even greater value from their wireless networks", says David Fisk vice-president of sales and marketing at 3D-P.

In this age of cost reduction and productivity improvement, mine personnel continue to spend a significant amount of their time physically maintaining the mine’s wireless environment for optimal communications. 3D-P’s partnership with Redline provides technology solutions that enable a significant reduction in this time, allowing miners to focus on key information, not the network transporting it.