West Australian-based engineering and project management company, EPMS continues to be called on for its mineral sands, magnetite and gold expertise. Latest engagements see the company applying their skills in Australia, Indonesia and Armenia.

Managing director Dave Robinson said: "We seem to be very popular at the moment. We’ve been engaged on several new projects, and our thorough approach to current projects is being rewarded with progressive contract work."

EPMS is undertaking engineering, design and a capital cost estimate compilation for a project based on one of the world’s largest in-ground resources of zirconium, hafnium, niobium, tantalum, yttrium and rare earth elements. The Dubbo Zirconia Project is located south of Dubbo in regional New South Wales, Australia. The project is held by Australian Zirconia Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alkane Resources. EPMS Project manager, Jeff Hughes said the team is very excited about their involvement in the project.

Indo Mines has also engaged EPMS’s expertise for the Jogja Iron Project located on the south coast of Central Java, Indonesia. EMPS is contracted to provide engineering, design, management and control services for the project.
On the gold front, EPMS is currently providing multi-disciplined engineering and design along with project management and control functions for a major refurbishment of a gold flotation plant in Armenia.

Along with being awarded a number of new projects, EPMS is proceeding to build on their project relationships with current clients such as Tiwest. EPMS continues to assist Tiwest with its mineral sand exploration projects in areas surrounding the Coolijarloo operations near Dongara, north of Perth, Western Australia.

Mr Robinson added: "We’re currently undertaking a proof of concept study for Tiwest near Dongara. The study involves the design and management of the testwork program, plant simulations, generation of flowsheets, mass balance, preliminary plant design and cost estimation. We’ve also been engaged to undertake a dry mining definitive feasibility study for the Dongara deposits".

"We’re grateful that Tiwest are rewarding our consistent and experienced approach with continued engagement."