With the most recent incorporation of allmineral Australia Pty Ltd, allmineral directly contributes to the remarkable expansion of Western Australia’s iron ore mining industry. This direct investment provides for an even stronger market presence of allmineral in Western Australia concurrent with further improved customer services now directly rendered from allmineral’s Australian experts.

At the same time it demonstrates its high appreciation of existing and future Australian customers in supporting them in a highly competitive market. There is an increasing demand for allmineral’s modern processing technologies being capable of turning low grade ore from the Pilbara area into high-quality products. After the successful and strategically important installation of Rio Tinto’s pilot plant containing allmineral’s core processing equipment types alljig®, allflux® and gaustec® WHIMS, allmineral continues its success: in 2011, allmineral secured contracts for another 12 jigs type alljig® as well as 14 fluidized bed separators type allflux® for the Pilbara. In the course of 2012 17 alljig® and 25 allflux® will be in operation in Australia finally.

Beyond doubt above mentioned new equipment will significantly empower allmineral’s position in a booming Australian market. Annual capacities are estimated to increase by another 300 million tons over the next few years. This scenario requires perfect logistics and allmineral’s superior processing technology at the same time – a technology Australia’s big players already rely on.

14 fluidized bed separators type allflux® and 12 wet jigs type alljig® are currently being installed for the efficient beneficiation of iron ore. Manufactured and pre-assembled in Western Europe, they undergo tough factory tests prior to being shipped to Australia. Currently allmineral’s workshops are crowded with machines – most of them ready to leave for the Pilbara – while allmineral’s experts are completing the final testing.

The throughput rates of the allflux® fluidized bed separator are 180 respectively 250 tons of iron ore per hour. The material (particle size <1mm) is separated in two stages based on particle size and density. The flow and control equipment facilitates the generation of three highly selectively graded products from a single machine, including thickening and desliming.

The air- and side-pulsed alljig®-F-2500 jigging machines utilize the density differences between the iron and the lighter minerals in the ore for efficient separation. Due to the fact the jigging machines can be flexibly adjusted, they are able to precisely separate ores from one millimeter up to 8 millimeters. The alljig®-F-2500 operates physically stable at a throughput rate of 120 tons of iron ore per hour with minimal energy consumption. The entire capacity of the new allmineral processing equipment in the Pilbara region is thus approximately 4,500 tons per hour, i.e. around 30 million tons per year.

Overall, allmineral has installed 17 alljig® machines, 25 allflux® machines and 1 gaustec® high intensity magnetic separator in Australia so far.

"Our globally proven equipment for the efficient sorting of hematite iron ore allows us to support the preservation of an economically successful mining operation in the Pilbara region in future years, as well as to provide for sustainable growth for the existing and planned mining operations in Western Australia," Dr. Heribert Breuer has concluded.

allmineral is one of the leading global producers of customized processing plants, with facilities conceived in Duisburg now found in Europe, India, Australia, North and South America and in South Africa. The company supplied over 450 alljigs® and 120 allflux® for the wet separation of primary and secondary raw materials, with 120 of the former and 50 of the latter machines being used for ore processing. In addition, they are also used for the efficient processing of coal, slag, gravel, sand and various recycling materials.