Allmand introduces its new Mine Spec light tower line at MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas. Adding to its successful light tower line, Allmand has taken the worksite lighting to the next level with the Mine Spec series light towers, designed specifically for the rigorous safety, environmental and operating demands of the mining industry.

Configured in two distinct models (Spec I and Spec II), all feature four or six Allmand-exclusive SHO-HD 1250-watt metal halide lighting system as standard equipment. The Allmand Mine Spec with its higher lumen output per lamp will evenly illuminate more area than any competitive light tower, even those with the same number of 1500-watt metal halide lights. Greater lumen output means that fewer light towers are required to illuminate a given area, resulting not only in lower initial purchase or rental cost, but also in lower fuel, oil and maintenance expenses.

The new Spec I and Spec II light towers also feature the innovative Allmand V-Series mast. With standard light towers, the mast is horizontal when lowered. But with the V-Series, the tower is still vertical when stowed, eliminating potential pinch points and making accurate fixture adjustment fast and simple. The hydraulically-actuated V- Series configuration allows the operator to stand safely away from the moving parts of the mast while extending it to full operating height from its stowed towing position in only 20 seconds.