Together with Indian partner Hari Maschines, Allmineral has managed to convince yet another major Indian company of the quality and performance of the “made in Duisburg” processing plants. Jindal Steel & Power (JSPL) has ordered a total of 14 machines to expand an existing site for haematite iron ore beneficiation in the Sarda Mines in the Indian province, Orissa.

A total of 11 air-pulsed alljig®jigging machines and four gaustec®-3600 magnetic separators will allow JSPL to process low grade iron ores into products with high iron content suitable for the market. In the 1,500t per hour plant in the Sarda Mines, five alljig G-2200 and six alljig F-2500 will be used to process grain sizes between 5mm – 30mm and 1mm – 5mm respectively. The gaustec magnetic separators, with a throughput of 200t per hour each, will upgrade the material with a grain size below 1mm.

The plant expansion should be completed by the third quarter of 2009. Also in this project, Allmineral will be working together with Hari Machines. The Indian partner will manufacture the 14 units, while Allmineral will supply core components from Germany.

“We were involved in the process development from the start and developed the concept for the new plant together with the client, based on numerous pilot tests,” Allmineral CEO, Dr. Ing. Heribert Breuer, said.

Two issues were critical for JSPL: to set up a beneficiation plant with a maximised product yield and not only produce products with high iron content, but also those with a reduced Al2O3 content. The rejects from the jigs and the first WHIMS stage will be reprocessed in the next sorting step after recrushing and regrinding.

The Lump and Sinterfeed products will serve the Jindal blast furnace plants. The concentrate with a grain size of less than 1mm, after further grinding (less than 40µ), will be used on site in a four-million tpa pellet plant, which is under construction. Depending on feed quality, the total production for the plant will be between eight and nine million tonnes per year.

The modernisation of the plant in the Sarda Mines is part of a multi-billion investment programme with which JSPL is expanding the capacity of its steel plants, power stations and mines. The company, which was founded in the early 1950s, has an annual turnover of about four billion USD, is the third-largest steel producer in India. JSPL mines coal and iron ore in India, the USA, Indonesia and, soon, also in Bolivia. It operates power stations and produces a wide range of steel products. The company employs some 20,000 staff around the world.