Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) has developed an inertial north-seeking gyro that is now ready for the world market. This new generation product is the result of many hours of hard work, research and development and will meet the demand of the continuous gyro market.

The GyroTracer Directional will cut down survey time and saves time on the surface compared with other continuous north-seeking gyros on the market. The GyroTracer Directional does not require a surface calibration or start reference. Like the GyroTracer, only the latitude is required. The tool is simply placed into the collar or well head and one stationary survey is taken. The instrument then travels up to 130m/min to the bottom of the hole without stopping, taking continuous north-seeking measurements. The GyroTracer Directional does not require in-hole drift checks. Another stationary survey is then taken at the bottom and the instrument travels up to 130m/min on out-run.

Please contact SPT for further information.