Advantage PressurePro, a worldwide leader in
tire pressure monitoring and TPMS technologies, is pleased to announce a new partnership with QA
Technologies, a leader in internet-based fleet management, set to bring exciting new advances in TPMS and telematics
integration. Combining forces and specialties, QAT has begun integrating PressurePro’s state-of-the-art tire pressure
monitoring to their AccutrAVL product.

“Many of our customers have inquired about PressurePro’s capability to work alongside web-based fleet
management solutions, which would allow users to combine Tire Pressure Monitoring alerts with vehicle monitoring
and other capabilities without the need to purchase software,” stated Vanessa Zaroor, PressurePro’s director of
marketing. “With QAT’s AccutrAVL solution, customers will now be able to simply log in online and instantly see
where your vehicles are, how fast they are moving, how each of your tires are performing and more, all at real

AccutrAVL is a powerful fleet management tool that allows you to effectively manage and locate your vehicles in
real time. It provides fleet owners with detailed downloadable reports designed to show where a fleet’s expenses
are being allocated. The data provided gives fleet’s knowledge about their vehicle utilization, efficiency, fuel
usage, unauthorized after hour’s vehicle usage and time spent on job sites, among others. Fleets have been proven
to see a return on their bottom line within two months of running the system.

“As we strive to provide flexible fleet management solutions for both major enterprises and the millions of
independent truck drivers, we are excited to work with PressurePro to leverage their TPMS technology,”
stated Brock Eidem, QA Technologies CEO. “The integration with PressurePro will provide increased cost
savings to fleets by allowing them to remotely monitor the tire pressures of all their vehicles, helping
reduce overall tire costs.”