Strata Mine Services is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a 15 PSI Block Stopping which incorporates a steel access door capable of withstanding a 15 psi explosion. The stoppings, which are intended for the construction of underground safe rooms, are available through and installed by Strata Mine Services.

These block stoppings are constructed using high-strength concrete blocks adhered together with Meyco MP 364 Flex, and coated with a spray-on concrete or Gunite. Adopting the design of Strata Mine Services’ previously well-known Packsetter Block Seal, this new explosion resistant stopping is lined along the roof and ribs with Packsetter Grout bags and filled with a specially blended grout. As the bags are filled, they pre-load the roof and conform to the shape of the ribs and roof to provide a solid, secure seal when cured.

Engineering and design specifications are available for operators to submit to MSHA as part of their emergency response plans.

Strata Safe Rooms are refuge alternatives that provide shelter and breathable air to miners trapped underground. These pre-constructed rooms are stocked with 96 hours of breathable air, purge air and other life-sustaining commodities such as food and water. These supplies are provided through Strata Mine Service subsidiary Strata Safety Products.