Allmineral’s intensified sales activities in South America have produced their first results. Together with local partners K¨ttner do Brasil and Gaustec, Allmineral, a globally-recognised specialist for processing mineral raw materials, has sold its first jigging machine to a customer in Brazil.

The customer Itaminas, operates an open pit iron ore mine located near Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, north of Rio de Janeiro. This is where the majority of Brazil’s huge iron ore reserves are located.

Itaminas already has a processing plant for fine ore with a density of less than 2 mm using two Gaustec® wet high intensity magnetic separators. Coarser (larger grain) material was being stored on the stockpile. Now an allmineral, high-performance, side-pulsed alljig machine will process both the rejects (tailings) from the stockpile as well as those from ongoing production.

“We know that these materials contain 60-70% saleable product,” explains Andreas Horn is who responsible at allmineral for the South American market. “The investment in an alljig will soon generate a good return.” Together with Küttner do Brasil, allmineral installed an alljig pilot plant in Belo Horizonte to test the (existing) Itaminas tailings. The joint venture also includes magnetic separator specialist Gaustec, whose WHIMS technology is marketed worldwide by allmineral.

“We are especially pleased with this contract as Brazil has such large growth potential,” explains Dr Heribert Breuer, Managing Director of Allmineral. Brazil is one of the most important iron ore producers in the world.

Each hour, the alljig F-2200 x 3000 can process over 80 tonnes of iron ore with a grain size between one and eight millimetres to high value sinterfeed. As a result, annual production at Itaminas will be increased by around 300,000 tonnes.

Duisburg-based allmineral is one of the world leading producers of jigging machines with installations in Europe, India, Australia, USA and South Africa. To date, the company has delivered over 325 alljigs and 70 allflux machines for wet separation of primary and secondary raw materials. They are used for the efficient sorting of coal, ore, gravel, sand, slag and various recycling materials.