Pelican Products has announced that its Advanced Area Lighting Group has rolled out the 9440 Remote Area Lighting system (RALS), as an incredibly bright and extremely portable area light.

The 9440 RALS features ten next-generation LEDs and a beam spread of 120° that effectively lights a large area. Additionally, it offers two brightness settings that shine 2,400 lumens for 3hr in high-setting and 1,200 for 6hr in low.

The light is powered by the latest, maintenance-free, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery. As a result, it runs silent and has no power cord, which eliminates trip-hazards and emits no toxic fumes like bulky inefficient gasoline-powered lights.

Setting up in seconds, and weighing in at a mere 16lbs, the 9440 RALS is built with a streamlined, self-deploying tripod for easy site placement and a nylon shoulder strap for simple transport. The 9440 RALS also features a telescoping light tower which extends more than 7ft and a light array that articulates 90°. The 9440 RALS is available in either yellow or black.