After having sold a Loesche coal mill type LM 28.3 D for the coal upgrading plant located in Niederaussem to RWE Power, Loesche has received a repeat order for the same mill type for the facility at Ville/Berrenrath, Germany.

The order is based on an ongoing collaboration between RWE Power and Loesche which goes back to 2007 when the contract for a new grinding plant, located in Fortuna-Nord/Niederaussem with the same Loesche mill type, was signed.

The contract includes the supply and installation from the foundation up. It comprises the complete process equipment and technology as well as the mill building on an EPC basis. The start of operation is planned for the middle of 2012.

The pulverised lignite produced in this facility is exclusively sold to industrial clients through Rheinbraun
Brennstoff (RBB), which is part of RWE Power and therefore of the RWE Group.

The upgrading of wet lignite coal has a long history in Germany. In a world of increasing oil and gas prices, the
demand for pulverised lignite is growing rapidly. Loesche has already built five grinding plants for pre-dried lignite located in the major German lignite areas.

In the opinion of its numerous and varied references, Loesche has acquired extensive expertise in the dry-grinding of solid fuels. Our core competence in grinding
technology and corresponding components (e.g. hot gas
generators) is being constantly improved upon.

Furthermore, we are continually developing new processes for reliable and sustainable fuel supplies to feed the world’s demand for energy.