Verder’s new engineered air-powered diaphragm pump has the following features:

  • Non-lubricated air valve – can run dry without damage
  • Non-stalling operation – delivers smooth reliable flow
  • Handles abrasive and viscous products on demand

Superior air pumping performance

Verder’s air-powered diaphragm pump is competitively priced with extended pump life. It is the top solution for your pumping problems:

  • Operating pressures of 8.4bar and flow rates to 1,050l/min
  • Slower stroke speed ensures longer lifetime of diaphragm
  • Extremely portable and easy to operate
  • Leakproof design prevents fluid waste or mess
  • Applications: food, waste fluid, process vessels, mixing tanks, truck uploading
  • Less maintenance – 2 U-cups are the only wear part

To evaluate how the Verder air pump can work for you, please contact us or book a free consultation to assess which pumping solution is best for you.