The global financial crisis is drastically reducing the cashflow of many companies. In order to support all our international clients in such a difficult situation, EUROGOMMA is presenting Mflex.

Mflex is a modular system for polyurethane screens made with BASF AG raw materials, joining premium quality and competitive pricing thanks to our Russian-based production facility.

We are confident that Mflex will offer our clients the exact ratio of quality / price that current markets demand.

Mflex is the modular system for screen and dewatering decks which comfortably fits every screen size.

Mflex maximal modular flexibility is not simply an excellent technical solution, but it provides the perfect combination of high-quality and competitive pricing. In fact, Mflex is the result of the synergy between Italian technology and Russian productivity.

All Mflex screen panels are made in Russia with Italian raw materials, and are created with Italian production methods using Italian machinery .

Abandon the idea that polyurethane is synonymous with high prices – Mflex has destroyed this concept!

Mflex modules are made of high-density polyurethane, boasting elevated wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant features. All modules have standard dimension of 300 x 300mm and they are available with every aperture size.

Mflex modules are installed on the screen deck through steel rails which are longitudinally welded along deck.

Mfleflex modules are suitable for:

  • Fine screening
  • Medium screening
  • Gross screening
  • Dewatering

All Mflex modules have an overlap to avoid the possibility of gaps remaining in between, thus assuring precise screening performance.