Advantage PressurePro™, manufacturer and provider of the market leading PressurePro tire monitoring systems and technology, is pleased to announce their partnership alongside Tiger Leasing to provide world-class leasing options for PressurePro commercial customers.

“More than ever, transportation companies are realising the need to reap the benefits that our tire pressure monitoring systems provide,” stated Phillip G. Zaroor, president and CEO of PressurePro. “With PressurePro providing the information needed for companies to add increased fuel efficiency, extended tire/casing life, decreased maintenance/downtime, reduced insurance costs and more, fleets simply can’t afford not to run TPMS.”

The benefit potential touched on by Zaroor has proven so substantial that the average return on investment for a PressurePro system is only eight months, not taking into consideration the additional safety benefits provided by having reliable and current tire pressure readings. When tied with the systems of PressurePro’s telematics partners, even greater benefits are realised with the addition of remote readings, fully integrated diagnostics systems and much more.

“We provide the products, the benefits and the telematics contacts that are key in helping fleets flourish in this tough market. What we were missing was the piece that provides current and potential customers with a cost effective way to bring both our equipment, and the equipment of our partners, on board in a very low cost and attractive manner,” said Zaroor. “Tiger is established as a leading equipment leasing resource that is known for providing competitive programmes and great customer service. They are a class act company that provides this needed piece to our customers, and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”