The shareholders of Strata Products Worldwide are pleased to announce the recent formation of Strata Proximity Systems and acquisition of Frederick Mining Controls.

Frederick Mining Controls is a leading developer and manufacturer of proximity detection and collision avoidance systems for the mining industry. Proximity detection and collision avoidance systems are designed to increase personnel safety awareness while working with and around mining machinery. Areas deemed potentially dangerous are “marked” by the system and, when breached, the system automatically emits warning alarms and/or disables the machinery completely. HazardAvert® is the proximity detection system developed by Frederick Mining Controls and has become one of the most well-known and reliable systems available.

“The formation of Strata Proximity Systems and the acquisition of Frederick Mining Controls is a significant step forward for both Strata Worldwide and the HazardAvert system,” said Strata chief operating officer Mike Berube. “This alliance grants Strata worldwide distribution rights for the HazardAvert system, management of other HazardAvert distributors and management of all distribution and marketing aspects of Strata Proximity Systems. The companies can now meet the growing market demand for these systems and provide the support required. Together, we have the resources to enhance the technology as well as increase production capabilities.”

With the upcoming changes in US coal mining regulations concerning proximity detection, Strata Proximity Systems will be investing considerable time and resources into the development and manufacture of these MSHA-approved systems. HazardAvert has been installed underground in three major US coal mines to date. Multiple HazardAvert systems are underground and operational in coal mines in South Africa, and over 400 systems are on order. HazardAvert is available through Strata Products Worldwide through their operations in the U.S., South Africa, Australia, Europe and China.