Nothing ruins your productivity like unplanned downtime. To prevent this, METTLER TOLEDO developed the POWERCELL® PDX® load cell system. When coupled with proactive service, the system provides the technology to eliminate unplanned downtime on your truck scale.

No matter what climate you are in, environmental forces can be relentless. They attack your scale every day, impairing its ability to weigh accurately. METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL load cells have demonstrated the ability to stand up to the world’s toughest environments, from the frozen polar regions to the scorching heat of the desert and the wet conditions of the tropics.

The POWERCELL PDX load cell sets a new standard for vehicle weighing. It has a robust design and innovative features that provide a clear advantage over other vehicle weighing technologies. The POWERCELL PDX load cell is designed to provide complete protection against the forces that can eat into your profits.

No other load cell provides so much protection against the environmental forces that can eat into your profits. Find out how the POWERCELL PDX load cell gives you unmatched accuracy and reliability.