Atlas Copco Secoroc presents the all-new Secoroc TRB drill bit range – the latest in soft rock drilling. Aimed at production drillers, this unique drill bit offers a greater penetration rate than any other bit – a penetration rate that is also sustainable throughout the bit’s service life.

An aerodynamic soft rock innovation

This new drill bit design has full-ballistic buttons and deep vertical grooves. Our engineers have digitally simulated the air flow through the bit and thereby been able to fine-tune the design. This resulted in rock chips rather than cuttings and more space between the rock face and the bit head. In fact, there is now ample space for the large rock chips to be cut and easily flushed out.

More holes per day

Thanks to the faster penetration rate, Secoroc TRB bits can drill more holes per day. This is ideal for those contractors working on drill meter contracts as Secoroc TRB bits save money and potentially increase income as the cost per hole drilled is lower than before.

Available in seven models

Secoroc TRB bits are available in three diameters: 76mm and 89mm with T38 and T45 threads; and 102mm with T38, T45 and T51 threads.