Reutech Mining and Stone Three Venture Technology successfully collaborated in the delivery and deployment of the first Waste Spreader Positioning System (WSPS) at the Sishen iron ore mine in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

The system ensures the safety of the waste spreader operator by alerting him if the waste spreader moves too close to the edge of the waste heap. In addition, the system provides protection to the waste spreader which is achieved by calculating a safe zone on top of the waste heap that provides the waste spreader with the ability to move around safely on the waste heap while distributing material.

All this is made possible by the WSPS with its various sub-components working together seamlessly as one integrated system. The expanding waste heap is monitored using a terrestrial 3D laser scanner on a self-sufficient semi-mobile platform. The 3D scan data are then transferred to a central server via a Wireless Local Area Network. These data are then used to calculate a safety boundary on the top waste heap.

A high accuracy differential GPS located on the waste spreader determines if it is located within the safety boundary. If the waste spreader moves out of the safety boundary into the potentially high-risk area near the edge of the heap, an audio-visual alarm is triggered to warn both the operator as well as the control room.

The control room is equipped with a screen that displays the current position and safety state of the waste spreader in real-time. All data are stored to provide an accountable history.

All aspects and specifications of the system are fully customizable to the requirements of the client. The system is also capable of integrating with various other systems currently being used. All hardware and software components can also be monitored and controlled from a remote location.

“We are very excited about this product as well as the skill sharing between us and our partners. Through strategic partnerships with industry players and end-users, Reutech Mining will continue to deliver products that do not only have no equivalent in quality and technology, but also answer directly to the individual needs of our valued customers,” says Cala van der Westhuizen, marketing manager of Reutech Mining.

“Stone Three Venture Technology’s Mining Division is determined to grow from strength to strength by providing creative turn-key solutions and support to the mining industry. The successful completion of the project and delivery ahead of schedule is an indication of our commitment to achieving our vision. We are looking forward to extending our partnership with Reutech Mining for future projects,” says Louis Marais, project manager at Stone Three Venture Technology.