Devico, the leading provider of directional core drilling services has increased their capacity for the Scandinavian mining industry with more professionally trained technicians. The company has got the capacity to take new projects and is ready to support the Scandinavian mining industry with their expertise in cost effective exploration drilling.

Agnico-Eagle in Kittilä has used Devico to steer their boreholes to the targets for the last two years with great success. In addition to higher accuracy, the Devico technology has led to significant cost reduction since the total meters of drilling can be reduced considerably when making several branch holes from one mother hole.

Devico has cooperated with following Scandinavian diamond drilling companies: Arctic Drilling Company (ADC), Kati, Protech, Drillcon, Smoy, Styrud, Arctic Geodrilling (Norway) and E-Service (Norway) and knows there equipment and know how very well to secure a fast, easy and smooth start with a new directional core drilling project.