Lubrication Engineers (LE) is proud to launch their latest ‘Enhanced Lubricant™’: 9705 – 9707 SYNPAG™ gear lubricants. These synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based gear lubricants are particularly known for their extreme pressure (EP) characteristics and ability to prevent micropitting. They have been specially formulated to provide strong corrosion resistance, wear protection and thermal stability. SYNPAG gear lubricants are outstanding lubricants for all types of industrial gears and plain and anti-friction bearings under extreme severe service conditions. They are available in ISO Grades of 220 (LE 9705), 320 (LE 9706) and 460 (LE 9707).

The PAG synthetic base fluid of LE’s new SYNPAG gear lubricants provides superior oxidation and thermal stability for longer lubricant life in tough operating environments. The extremely high viscosity indexes of 242-262 result in wide operating temperature ranges. The PAG also helps to protect against expensive micropitting of gear teeth, therefore helping to increase gear equipment life. It has outstanding extreme pressure (EP) performance with an excellent Timken OK Load of 75lbs.

SYNPAG gear lubricants were also formulated for excellent corrosion prevention properties in order to protect against rust and corrosion in applications suffering from water contamination. Finally, the SYNPAG has good resistance to sludge formation – ensuring longer lubricant and equipment life as well as less downtime.

Due to the high performance capabilities of the new SYNPAG range, LE recommends its use for a variety of applications including: helical, bevel, planetary or worm gears as well as bearing applications calling for oil lubrication. Typical equipment types include: textile machines, kiln and oven bearings, roller mills, pellet mills, extruders, chains and conveyors and sliding bearings.

“We are pleased to offer our valued customers another great addition to our gear oil range – our new SYNPAG gear lubricants provide fantastic performance results for applications working in demanding operating conditions. The reliability of expensive gearboxes will be dramatically improved due to SYNPAG,” said Scott Schwindaman, president, Lubrication Engineers.