3D-P, a global leader for providing wireless connectivity and IOT solutions for the mining industry, is pleased to announce the availability of high-performance, cost-effective wireless networks for underground mines.

Wireless communication in mines present unique and significant challenges, and underground mines are particularly demanding. Traditional underground communications solutions offer limited speed and bandwidth and tend to be costly.

3D-P’s underground wireless solution leverages readily available ruggedized network components that are well proven in the mining environment. The solution can provide continuous network access throughout the mine and provides full 802.11n network speeds at cost-effective pricing. The 3D-P solution does not require continuous cables routed through the mine as do traditional leaky feeder systems and the radios only require access to power to operate. Being wireless, the solution offers much greater flexibility for being easily reconfigured as the mine expands.

3D-P chief technology officer Ron White says: "Constantly increasing levels of automation in our mines, and the requirement for real time tracking of the location of the mine’s assets and people have increased the criticality of an underground mines’ network. We believe that the 3D-P wireless network solution will extend the high level of performance and reliability that 3D-P networks have provided to surface mines to underground mines as well.

"We believe that the greater flexibility, performance and cost effectiveness of our wireless solution will provide great value to our underground clients."