Reutech Mining, a division of Reutech Radar Systems and a leading supplier of advanced geotechnical slope stability monitoring radar systems, is pleased to announce the appointment of a new regional managers.

Cala van der Westhuizen has been appointed to further develop relations in Eastern and Western Europe. “We have already established ourselves as an entity in various industries in this region. We will continue with developing our current market in addition to exploring new ventures with various stakeholders. Reutech Mining is determined to become a valuable power player as we have proven in Africa, Australia and the Americas,” says Cala.

Alex Pienaar has taken over from Cala van der Westhuizen as marketing and sales manager for the African continent. “We will be focussing on Africa as a whole. Being such a large continent, with a wide variety of cultures and demographics, does indeed pose a challenge. We have, however, been able to understand these challenges, as well as the associated opportunities, largely due to our reliable and efficient partnerships with a number of key industry players throughout the region,” says Alex.