Wassara hereby proudly present the latest addition to the Wassara Drilling Systems family: the W70 hammer.

W70 extends the bit diameter range available between our existing drilling systems and is primarily designed for nominal bit diameters of 82mm and 89mm.

The W70 hammer will be released with a new drill bit optimised for water powered drilling. The patented and trademark registered drill bit is called W-Bit™.

With a bit range diameter of 82mm-89mm, this drilling system offers new possibilities in applications where today diamond drilling and/or top hammer drills are being used.

As an alternative to diamond drilling, the W70 offers the advantage of high rate of renetration, and the possibility of reduced total drilling cost. As an alternative to top hammer drilling, the W70 offers the advantage of drilling longer holes with low deviation.

Target application areas include: the construction of dams (pre-drilling for grouting and instrumentation drilling), drilling of probe holes, anchor drilling and production drilling in mines. Advantages include:

  • Slim – offers nominal drill bit diameters of 82mm and 89mm
  • Powerful – high power output, high frequency and energy level per blow, for high-power drilling where access is limited
  • Light – hammer weighs only 23kg. Overall lighter drilling equipment for easier drilling and system handling

The W70 drilling system is now available for the construction and mining markets, the following drilling system components are available:

  • W70 hammer
  • W-Bit™ drill bits (82mm, 89mm)
  • Drill tubes of 63.5mm diameter and WT70 thread
  • Check valve WT70 thread
  • Swivel Stenberg 600
  • High pressure hose
  • High pressure water pump