As a global market-leader for multi-layer wire rope spooling, Lebus International Engineers offers its customers clever refurbishment solutions, which combine substantial cost saving with improved operations.

Lebus can design, manufacture and install split-sleeves to give new life to old or worn drums. New sleeves can also be installed onto a drum to enable it to be used in a new application with different sized ropes, if required. Split sleeves can be either bolted or welded onto the old drum. This is significantly less expensive than commissioning a whole new drum.

“The cost savings for our customers can reach a factor of four or five, which means a new wire rope drum can be ten times the investment of an updating with new split sleeves,” says Cris Seidenather, managing director of Lebus International Engineers. “You don’t exchange horses, when they only need new shoes.”

Lebus customers indeed have double savings by using the drum refurbishment solution – they can use the old drum with newly applied original Lebus grooves, which now also can be updated from one or two layers to a multilayer use. The grooving is engineered to suit the specific wire rope that is being used.