NSK Ltd has produced a 2D barcode mobile application that assists in streamlining the bearing selection and associated design integration procedures for customers, enabling improved production.

The app will also help protect customers from fakes with several features that enable customers to verify product authenticity. It will be launched in January, which is when precision bearings will start shipping in unique 2D barcode packaging.

NSK will exhibit the app in Germany at EMO Hannover 2017, between 18-23 September.

Development background

In just a few short years, the internet of things (IoT), smart factories, and Industry 4.0-related initiatives have accelerated the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

As machines are further integrated with computer systems and equipped with wireless capabilities, easy, instant access to digital information is becoming an essential part of efficient operations.

In light of these developments in the manufacturing and machine tools industries, NSK is introducing its new app, targeted primarily at precision bearing customers.

The app enables streamlined, efficient access to detailed product information, including bearing inspection records containing data such as dimensional tolerance, running accuracy, and other technical details.

The app will also provide easy access to a host of NSK web services, and help protect customers from fakes by enabling the authenticity of products to be investigated in real time.

Easy access to digital product information

Each precision bearing box will be printed with a unique 2D barcode that can be scanned using the app for immediate access to inspection records for that specific bearing.

The detailed data can be exported in CSV and PDF formats, enabling the data to be more easily transferable to customer systems. This contributes to increased efficiency in the overall process of assembling bearing to spindle and to improved product traceability.

Customer protection

The unique 2D barcode that comes with each precision bearing and the associated NSK cloud system will help keep customers safe from fake and imitation products. By scanning the barcode on a bearing box, the NSK app will immediately tell the user if the product is suspected to be fake.

The number of accesses to the unique webpage for each bearing will be tracked and displayed, allowing customers to better infer whether the product is a mass-produced imitation in an illicitly copied NSK bearing box

Connect to NSK services

The 2D barcode will also help us help you, allowing for quicker response to technical inquiries, faster customer service, and a quicker, simplified product order process through NSK sales branches and distributors.

The app will also allow easy access to a host of technical tools and practical information such as digital catalogues, technical bearing calculators, as well as handling and maintenance guides, making it easier to select a bearing and enabling customers to improve their output quality through proper selection and use of bearings.

Future plans

NSK will continue to develop and release market-specific solutions under the slogan “Your Real Partner™” to meet the needs of customers worldwide.