Based on the same technology as the Secoroc Magnum SR underground drilling system, the new Secoroc TC35 can now offer the same advantages to bench drillers; straighter holes, longer rod service life, quicker bit changes and extension drilling from 51mm holes.

The Secoroc TC35 is an ideal alternative to R32 and T35 systems when drilling in hard rock conditions. Thanks to its patented conical trapezoidal threads, the Secoroc TC35 can use 39mm diameter rods (as opposed to 32mm). This means stronger and more robust rods with greater abrasion resistance and longer service life. There is also the bonus of straighter holes – a rigid 39mm drill rod is tough enough to hinder the drillstring from deviating when drilling.

In comparison to a rope thread, there is 23% more metal in this ingenious trapezoidal thread, facilitating far better resistance to metal fatigue and longer service life. And, thanks to the conical shape, Secoroc drilling bits only need half as many turns to be coupled and uncoupled. This results in quicker bit changes (almost half the time) and reduces wear and tear on both threads.

The Secoroc TC35 is at home in most rock conditions with a comprehensive selection of Secoroc drill bits from 48mm to 54mm holes. There is also a 64mm bit for drilling anchor holes for the drilling rig. Moreover, if you need to drill deeper than 3.7m, Secoroc TC35 can offer extension equipment from 51mm diameter holes and upwards.