For over ten years Modulines T & TAL series skirting ducts have emerged as the most preferred method of providing
access to power, voice and data in commercial offices. Moduline skirting ducts are purposefully designed for distribution and convenient access throughout the entire perimeter of the workspace. Moduline proudly offers Australia’s most comprehensive choice of cable management solutions. Moduline has long been considered the innovator in skirting duct solutions. The ingenious TAL Plus is continued proof of this.

In its basic form TAL Plus offers a two-division skirting duct, with the addition of a separate barrier section; it can quickly and easily be converted to three divisions. With the same duct body, TAL Plus also offers
a choice of drop-in or clip-on lid designs to suit your individual requirements.

Add an extra barrier

The easy fit TAL Plus removable barrier drops in place. The result is a three-division duct that provides the additional segregation that some installations require. In many cases, the barrier can be secured during the fixing process of the duct body.

Choice of lids

A drop-in lid design allows you quick and easy access to the installation whenever needed. Drop-in lids will not fall out during normal operating conditions. However, in areas where lid security is a priority, TAL Plus offers a unique, extruded aluminium lid that securely clips
in place and requires a special tool for removal. This stylish clip in lid finishes flush with the face of the duct body to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Quality construction

Drop-in lids are manufactured from rust-resistant steel, faced with either thermally bonded vinyl veneer or colour powder coat. Clip-in lids are extruded aluminium and
finished in colour powder coat. All natural anodised lids (drop-in or clip-in) are extruded aluminium to provide increased colour consistency.

Creating an innovative environment

Today’s office place is designed around creating an innovative environment incorporating a user friendly and
contemporary interior. For that reason, TAL Plus extruded aluminium bodies are finished in a quality powder coat or
anodised colours. Standard powder coat colours are black,
opal grey and white, along with natural (clear) anodised.
All of these options and more, are based on and used with one duct body designed to make specification and ordering a much simpler task than it has ever been before.