‘Leaders in Lubricants’, Fort Worth based Lubrication Engineers (LE) is pleased to announce that their PYROSHIELD® 9011 XH Syn-Gear lubricant has recently achieved a 14th Stage Pass on the FZG Gear Test A/8, 3/90 (DIN 51354). LE had the product tested at the Institute for Machine Elements Gear Research Centre (FZG) in Munich, Germany. During FZG’s Test No. 4828, PYROSHIELD 9011 achieved a PASS in Load Stage 14 with only a 25mg of weight loss. This test method was chosen as it demonstrates the relative scuffing and load-carrying capacity of lubricants such as PYROSHIELD. This independent laboratory test result has helped again to prove the exceptional wear protection that PYROSHIELD 9011 provides to crucial and expensive open gears sets at industrial plants worldwide.

LE’s PYROSHIELD 9011 XH Syn-Gear Lubricant is an extra high viscosity, 100% synthetic open gear lubricant for mill applications found in mines. It is formulated with a unique combination of EP additives and LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive ALMASOL®. The product boasts a Timken OK Load of 95lbs (43.2Kg). It also contains a safe, non-chlorinated diluent to improve low temperature mobility when applied using auto-lube systems.

The PYROSHIELD product line was developed especially for the mining industry as a very heavy load carrying capacity, non-leaded lubricant in a thin format. Along with the high viscosity 100% synthetic base oil, it also boasts a heat stable additive system that becomes active when subjected to high load, shock, and extreme temperatures often experienced in the applications where it is applied.

The PYROSHIELD proprietary additive system acts synergistically with other LE additives including ALMASOL to outperform other lubricants. ALMASOL is an exceptional wear reducing additive which has an affinity for metal. It attaches itself to working surfaces in a single microscopic layer, yet will not build on itself or affect clearances. ALMASOL resists lubricant thermal and chemical breakdown minimizing metal to metal contact and providing tremendous load carrying capacity.

PYROSHIELD successfully overcomes all the existing problems with traditional open gear lubricants whilst also achieving additional benefits in the form of reduced gear wear and important energy savings (due to the reduction in friction, heat and wear). The PYROSHIELD solution really does offer improved lubrication at reduced costs.

“We are thrilled with this fantastic result from FZG. It is yet another strong endorsement of PYROSHIELD’s superior wear protection for expensive open gears found on ball mills and kilns. PYROSHIELD is rapidly growing as the open gear lubricant of choice in the mining and cement industries worldwide due to this incredible wear protection it provides. Large industrial customers are saving many thousands of dollars every year by converting their open gears to this lubricant,” said John Sander, quality control / research and development manager, Lubrication Engineers.