The directors of QMASTOR are pleased to announce that Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) has selected QMASTOR to provide QMASTOR’s full suite of bulk terminal management systems including pit to,, horizon advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and iFuse systems at their new coal export terminal. The scope covers software licensing, project services, software maintenance and support with the majority of revenue to be received in the 09/10 financial year.

QMASTOR will supply NCIG with a bulk terminal management system that will form a mission critical component of the coal export terminal’s core operations. Functionality provided by QMASTOR includes: core supply chain modelling, supplying mine nominations and interactions, transportation / logistics scheduling and tracking; stockyard inventory management including advanced 3D stockpile modelling; terminal task and route management; delay management; shipping and marine management; shipping documentation; advanced planning and scheduling; and systems integration including: terminal equipment via historian (OSIsoft Pi), laboratories, third party rail systems and maintenance systems.

Trent Bagnall, managing director of QMASTOR stated: “QMASTOR welcomes the opportunity to partner with NCIG on this significant project. Our mining supply chain management systems suite will provide best practice in bulk terminal management for NCIG.

This contract, combined with our recent win at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (DBCT) at the Port of Hay Point, signifies that QMASTOR is the preferred vendor for bulk terminal management systems at both of Australia’s most prominent coal export ports. We expect to leverage these sites as case studies to extend our presence in this sector both domestically and internationally.

QMASTOR has a number of existing relationships with members of the consortia including BHP Billiton and Peabody and we hope this will build stronger relationships with these existing customers and other members of the consortia.”