Not all companies go out of their way to find the best solution for a pumping problem. Verder Pumps SA (VPSA) director Keith Gass said: “At VPSA, we know all pump types have advantages and may bear some shortcomings, depending on the type of application it is specified for.”

Some companies, when faced with a limited capacity of pump technology and/or products, often make the pump “fit” the client’s needs without ensuring the product is the best solution for the application.

In addition, clients are looking to buy down in the present economic situation, but often overlook the additional costs of energy consumption, loss of production due to downtime and maintenance. Life-cycle costing is extremely important to retain current as well as long-term profitability.

Mr Gass said: “Upgrading to more productive pumps can be perceived to be too expensive for many operations to undertake. However, there are times when it is necessary. For instance, if your plant is unproductive due to no spare parts stock availability, downtime costs outweighs your production intake, high energy consumption, or in some instances where maintenance bills are high often exceeding the new pump’s initial purchase price. Changing or upgrading can be avoided by correctly specifying the right pumps for any given application in the first place.”

Mr Gass said many clients were reluctant to change pumps because they were not made aware of all the technology available. “More often than not, saying ‘because we have always used these pumps’ does not mean the pumps are ideally suited to the application,” he said.

“The need for more knowledge, maintenance issues and technical knowledge of other pump technologies are the main reasons behind clients’ aversion to change. Once again, they could be wasting thousands of rands on production and downtime and/or maintenance.”

The difference is that VPSA does care about your process. ‘Solutions in pumping technology’ are indeed what we strive for at VPSA. We know that the safe, reliable and productive handling of pumping mediums are the most important factors in the processes industry. This includes the processes in the mining and chemical industries, in food or even in pharmaceutical processes.

Handling liquids requires knowledge of processes and sometimes even empirical research and testing of the fluid. Our passionate sales engineers ensure they source the best possible solution to suit the application, providing customers with the best products, solutions and support available.

VPSA offers consultations to discuss pumping difficulties. It is the aim of VPSA to ensure the most-suited pump is selected for the right application, which sets the company apart from the other players in the market.

Mr Gass said: “At VPSA, we are determined to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our impressive range includes peristaltic hose pumps, air-diaphragm pumps, magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity screw pumps and reciprocating diaphragm pumps.”

Verder combines product knowledge with extensive experience in the field of sales and marketing. Clients therefore receive not only products of high quality, but also quick delivery times, competitive prices, excellent service and clarity regarding liability.