Over the last 40 years, reverse circulation drilling has proven to be a highly effective method in a variety of applications, including exploration drilling and inpit grade control. Given the benefits of this technique – not least its cost-effectiveness – it isn’t surprising that the market for top quality equipment is growing.

Entering a growth market

The tough realities facing reverse circulation drillers are not new to us. This is why we have gone to great lengths to design a solution that offers market-leading reliability and performance. Designed for 140mm–152mm holes, the Atlas Copco Secoroc RC 50 is built to deliver superior efficiency – even in the toughest conditions.

For a start, we use an open standard bit shank for easy compatibility. Drillers are not locked into using equipment from one supplier. We’ve also through-hardened the center recovery tube to achieve the market’s longest service life.

Easy field service

The center recovery tube features an entirely new – patent-pending – design. Thanks to this innovation, there’s no need to open the hammer, which means maintenance and field replacement are much easier. RC 50 also features the Quantum Leap air cycle, ensuring market-leading performance in both grade control and deep-hole drilling. Furthermore, generous piston bearing and sealing areas minimize the kind of wear that is so common in reverse circulation applications.

Tried and tested in three continents

The RC 50 has been subjected to rigorous trials in the field over the last few years. Conditions and applications have differed from site to site. However, field reports conclude that customer demands regarding performance and service life have not only been met, but also exceeded.