Thor Global has announced that Hot-Dip Galvanizing (HDG) is available on all ThorStack2™ series stackers. This value added optional feature provides a longer lasting machine with improved corrosion protection and abrasion resistance.

Although HDG has typically been reserved for machines operating in the most extreme global weather conditions, its benefits can be easily extended to all heavy equipment applications, where customers demand extended product life and unequalled performance over time. HDG is superior to even the highest quality epoxy paints.

Corrosion protection

Rust mostly takes hold inside structural steel, where the naked eye and paint sprayers have limited access. HDG provides a cathode and barrier protection that reaches every square inch of bare steel, inside and out, stopping corrosion in the most vulnerable places.

Coating thickness

Zinc and steel alloying applied at 860°F molten temperatures ensures a guaranteed uniform coating thickness, unlike the variable properties of paint.

Bond strength

HDG yields a metallurgical bonding strength that is ten times greater than the mechanical bonding strength of paint.

Abrasion resistance

Galvanized steel provides a durable scratch and impact resistant coating that significantly reduces the need for costly downtime spent repainting damaged exterior paint chips and scratches.

Atmospheric service life

HDG offers a service life of 75 years.

A-Mining Group, located in Lake City, FL., produces aggregates for use in asphalt, concrete and a wide variety of other construction activities. Their close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico provides a unique challenge for the longevity of every piece of equipment they purchase.

According to plant manager Ron Dycus, A-Mining Group demands fully-galvanized equipment to tackle their harsh climate. “We’re about half a mile from the gulf, and so because of the area we’re in and the highly concentrated levels of salt water in the air, nearly everything in the plant is galvanized,” Dycus says. He adds: “Thor’s machine is perfectly suited for this operation”.

Thor Global Enterprises is the only telescopic stacker manufacturer to offer a fully-galvanized version of the revolutionary ThorStack2 series telescopic portable radial stackers. These machines are the most rugged, weather-resistant, maintenance-free and easy to operate stackers of their kind. Dycus is so proud of their fully-galvanized T150-10 ThorStack2 telescopic portable radial stacker that he claims: “The Thor’s worth its weight in gold.”