Moventas has developed a new product for multi-segmented ring gears. The new product, multi-segmented helical ring gear, is a continuation of the multi-segmented ring gear concept, originally developed by Moventas for new installations and replacements of heavy-duty mineral processing applications.

Moventas specializes in the design and manufacture of multi-segmented ring gears, used to rotate large drums, kilns and mills from diameters of 3m and up. No upper limit exists due to the company’s unique manufacturing process. With more than three decades of experience in large multi-segmented spur gears, Moventas is now also able to offer helical designs, where preferred.

The multiple segment design of Moventas’ ring gears enables higher machining precision with more accurate tooth geometry. The length and number of segments depends on the gear diameter, and is optimized for each application. The segments are bolted together to make immensely strong and precise large diameter gears, resulting in a significant reduction in manufacturing lead-times, along with fast and easy installation.

Gear wear in Moventas’ multi-segmented ring gears is minimized by using austempered ductile iron (ADI) material, which contributes to a high strength to weight ratio, required for heavy industrial use. The company’s highly accurate production and assembly techniques minimize vibration, contributing to lower life-cycle costs. Additionally, the segments are easier and less costly to transport, and compared to traditional large castings, individual segments are easier to replace.

Moventas designs and delivers the complete package, including auxiliary drives, main reducers / gearboxes and bedplates. Full life-cycle support is augmented by a comprehensive range of services, with a strong focus on condition management and proactive maintenance.

Multi-segmented spur ring gears have been designed and manufactured in Finland for over 30 years by Moventas. With a solid reputation built from more than 500 installations worldwide, they have proven durable and reliable in minerals, steel, cement, chemical and sugar industries, as well as pulp and paper industry applications.