Trolex has just launched a brand new version of its proven Flexiprobe multi-purpose limit switch which has extensive applications in the mining, coal and quarry industries.

With its tough heavy-duty specification, the new Flexiprobe has been carefully value-engineered and at around £150 is about half the market price of similar devices currently available, and hence is likely to be in great demand.

As one of the leading manufacturers of sensors and sensing systems, Trolex has used its expertise to develop the new Flexiprobe with a rugged design to be extremely reliable in the most hostile working conditions. With a variety of roller and paddle accessories for the end of the actuator, Flexiprobe can be used for position sensing, movement detection, safety interlocks, level detection, conveyor detection and vehicle detection. This means that it can be used to detect and monitor such things as material flow along a conveyor belt, belt alignment, water flow, spillage, rope run-out and emergency stop detection.

The Flexiprobe has been purposely built with no electronics to ensure long reliability and low cost maintenance. The unit features a rugged housing moulded in impact-resistant reinforced nylon 66 and an almost indestructible hi-flex urethane polymer probe actuator. The materials used are corrosive resistant, and it is dust tight and waterproof to IP67 standards. Internally, there is a heavy duty 10amp rated contact at 300Vac with large easy-access connection terminals. There are two M20 threaded cable entries on the sides of the housing.

To mark the launch of the new Flexiprobe, Trolex is inviting industrial users to enter a competition to win £300 of holiday vouchers. All that entrants need to do is visit our website and suggest an application that Flexiprobe would be most useful for in their industry. The competition is open until 31 July 2009. Please see company profile for website address.