Dirt, water, corrosive substances, ice or abrasive media alone and together are the worst enemies of conveyor rollers. The constant man power required for inspecting and changing conveyor rollers can be reduced greatly through the use of a higher quality roller solution.

RET rollers have been developed to reach the three most important aspects:

  • Improved life of the rollers
  • An eventual roller failure should not damage the conveyor belt
  • To offer superior performance in changing and harsh conditions in various mining, port and other material handling operations

The 30,000 operational hour warranty of the rollers can be given, since the four lip-seals on the outside and the single lip inside the roller protect the roller extremely well. The whole bearing housing together with the thick HDPE sleeve of the roller give protection for the aggressive media and wear, but also against impacts.

The load bearing capacity of the rollers is equal to similar size steel rollers, but due to the lower weight, they are much easier, faster and safer to handle. In operation the smaller weight and lower resistance to rolling saves energy or allows an increase on the material handling capacity.

Especially in the arctic regions the winter provides its own problems. Icing on the belt and rollers can cause damages to the bearings, clog the rollers and increase the resistance to movement greatly. In these conditions the HDPE material functions much better than steel as the resistance to movement stays smaller and ice has a hard time building up on the rollers.

In copper mining, for example, or with other minerals with sulphur the steel sleeves face the end of their life much earlier due to corrosion. On the RET rollers the HDPE is very resistant to sulphuric acid and, if needed, the shafts can be made of special steel qualities. In some applications a shaft protecting cap will provide the solution.

The rollers are manufactured in dimensions from 127mm to 194mm and in various lengths. Shaft ends are made according to the various norms and customer specifications. The rollers can also supplied with a special roller frame solution locking the shafts in the frame and off-setting the rollers in an energy saving way.