Technosub has just finished the production of its latest high-pressure pump in the Technojet series. This multistage pump was designed to respond to the urgent needs of an underground mine in Northen Quebec, Canada. It also completes the selection of models available in the Technojet series.

This monster can handle 1,000gal/min at 1,700ft of head pressure and is powered by a 700hp motor. Technojet pumps are made of cast iron for suction, discharge and stage casings. All internal components are made of duplex stainless steel in order to stand up to the hard conditions of mine dewatering.

Usually, the Technojet high-pressure pumps are connected to an underground sump where water is fed by submersible pumps. The water is then sent to the surface tailings.

Technosub has the knowledge to fabricate custom pumps suited to our customers’ needs. We have an interesting portfolio of solutions and realization in mine dewatering across Canada.