Direct Fired Thermal Desorption (DFTD) is a proven
soil treatment technology that effectively removes volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, including chlorinated compounds, to below limits of detection.

Thermal desorption occurs when organic contaminants, adsorbed to soil particles, are exposed to temperatures above their respective boiling points. The heat is sufficient to effect a phase change to gas of the contaminants which is then processed through a thermal oxidiser at 1100oC, a rapid quench, acid scrubber and filter beds, to levels that meet emission regulations.

The DFTD process is an accepted technology in Australia, and has been used on numerous projects over the past decade. Enviropacific has been involved in Thermal Projects across several Australian States, so is familiar with both the approvals processes and their requirements, and also the respective markets in Australia.

Enviropacific’s managing director, Matt Fensom said, “Enviropacific has demonstrated practical experience in the thermal treatment of soil, now we have invested in a plant that is suited to the Australian marketplace.”

Enviropacific’s DFTD Plant has the following attributes:

  • Designed and constructed in the US
  • Modified to meet all Australian Standards
  • Complies with internationally recognised Emissions Criteria, including EU Emissions Limits
  • Versatile, easily assembled (less than a month),
    small footprint (300m²), low operating costs
  • Treats organic and chlorinated compounds, including TPH, PAHs, Organochlorine Pesticides, PCBs and Dioxins
  • Treats at a rate up to five tonnes per hour