Batteries in mining equipment can be damaged or worn quickly on mining sites due to the harsh environment. The following are just some of the things that can quickly kill the power in a mining battery.

Extended Periods Of Use

According to Australia’s Bureau of Statistics data, thousands of workers in the mining industry are putting in up to 70 hours per week. A 12-hour shift is not uncommon for mining employees, and the same goes for their equipment. Drills, earth movers, blasting tools, crushing equipment and mining vehicles are all used for extended periods of time. This puts a strain on the battery powering these pieces of equipment, as it is being used constantly with little downtime.

Excessive Heat and Dust

The conditions in mines are extremely harsh. Poor ventilation in underground mines causes a build up of harmful gases, heat, and dust, which have a detrimental affect on the batteries in the mining vehicles. Hot climates kill batteries faster due to water loss, heat distortion and an increase in corrosion.

Continuous Cycling and Deep Discharge of the Batteries

Deep cycle batteries are energy storage units in which a chemical reaction occurs that develops voltage and results in electricity. These batteries are designed to be cycled (discharged and recharged) many times. On a mining site where these batteries are in constant use, it can be difficult to ensure batteries have the chance to recharge. If the battery flattens, you may strip active material off the battery plates. This drastically reduces their usability.

High Electrical Loads Due To Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary equipment on mining vehicles adds to the electrical load of the battery. Modern mining vehicles have more interest in crash avoidance add-on equipment, increased focus on fuel efficiency, and an increasing use of telematics and wireless tools. More fleets are also specifying cranes, compressors & inverters.

The Solution: Delkor Commercial Batteries

Batteries built to work, for work. Delkor Commercial batteries are well-proven in all areas of heavy industry. Delkor Commercial batteries are manufactured using tough internal components and materials to provide superior power and performance, working harder to deliver longer life, less down time and greater efficiency.

Key Benefits of Delkor Commercial Batteries:

  • Maintenance-free, topping up is unnecessary
  • Heat-sealed, leak-proof cover ensures no spill
  • High-strength polypropylene case
  • Designed for highest vibration resistance

If reliability and longer service life is your objective, Delkor Commercial batteries have you covered. Get in touch with us today to find out more.