Silos are a world-diffused storage system for a number of materials. They are largely used in the food industry to store cereals such as grain, malt, soya beans, hops and others but also for the animal feed.

In several occasions, silos are subjected to the wearing action of the stored material and frequently they suffer clogging because of high moisture in the product.

Polyurethane is a wonderful solution to line silos internally and prevents both the problems mentioned above.

Our clients can install our standard polyurethane sheets thanks to a simple but effective system.

In principle, it is enough to make the polyurethane sheet on top overlap the following one and screw in the overlapping area to create a sealed lining body. The vertical leaks among the polyurethane sheets are covered by polyurethane strips which are initially stuck on with cyanoacrylate glue and then screwed.

Our polyurethane is available with Food Safety Certificate.