McElroy has once again been recognized for its commitment to workplace safety.

At the 2023 Oklahoma Safety Conference, McElroy was named the recipient of the prestigious Pinnacle of Safety Award from the Oklahoma Safety Council.

The Pinnacle of Safety Award is given to companies that achieve the highest levels of excellence in safety and health. Companies are judged on management commitment, safety culture, and safety performance in the areas of safety and health.

“McElroy has a strong company-wide culture of safety,” said McElroy Environmental Health and Safety Manager Tony Little. “We understand that our people are our greatest asset, and it is always our number-one priority to ensure they have a safe and secure working environment.”

The Oklahoma Safety Council is a member-based, non-governmental, nonprofit public service organization. Its mission is to promote the adoption of safety, health, and environmental practices and procedures that prevent and mitigate human suffering and environmental loss. More than 700 businesses throughout Oklahoma are members.

About McElroy

Founded in 1954, McElroy Manufacturing has grown from a two-person start-up in an Oklahoma garage to the industry leader in fintube and pipe fusion machines.  The name McElroy is recognized worldwide as the most reliable, efficient, rugged, and technically advanced equipment in the world.  McElroy credits its leadership to an unyielding focus on excellence that lies at the heart of the design, engineering, and manufacturing of its products. For additional information please visit the McElroy website at