After the very successful application at Goldfields Tarkwa, Eurogomma is very happy to have achieved another undoubtedly tremendous success at Perseus Gold Mining, being an important player in gold mining in West Africa.

Perseus Gold Mining had been suffering critical wear rates of the screening media equipping their SAG Mill discharge screen because of some crucial reasons like:

  • High drop fall of the ore from the SAG Mill discharge to the screen deck – ca. 1m
  • Big ore feed size – in the range between 60mm and 82mm
  • High flow speed of the ore at feed end creating a considerable impact force

All these factors were translating into a rapid wear out of all screening media before Eurogomma came into the job whatever the supplier, the material (rubber or polyurethane), the panel thickness, the design, etc. Perseus Mining decided to use.

It’s our big pride to declare that the quality of our:

  • Problem analysis system
  • Product design
  • Materials

have permitted our reputed client to improve the life of the screening media from two to eight days with a consequent massive economical saving thanks to the drastic reduction of shutdowns and therefor the improvement of  operativity.

Our gratitude goes to our client Perseus Gold Mining and to their process manager Oblokul Oblokulov for giving us the opportunity to show our value and to publish this information.