New Touch Industries (NTi) has started its 2019 developments with the introduction of our two new machines, the TruLaser Fiber and LiftMaster Compact.

The LiftMaster Compact (LMC) is connected to the STOPA storage system where it collects metal sheet’s and feeds it into the TruLaser. Traditionally, lift machines were slowed down by carefully managing weight distribution and torque from one base point. Where the LMC excels is in the way that it’s set up. Its conventional design distributes its weight evenly across four base points, allowing it to operate optimally. Retrieving and storing metal sheets at unprecedented speeds.

The TruLaser Fiber (TLF) is fitted with an additional rotary tool, increasing its already impressive capability. The TLF cuts continuously with the automated programming to manage its own specifications (e.g nozzle changes, sheet parameter reading and more). This does not just allow singular jobs to be completed efficiently but allows the lineup of set jobs to be completed around the clock 24/7.

This new combination has taken NTi one step closer to its future approach to the industry. Automation, efficiency and quality.

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